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Mormon Times

My poor blog. I need to find a rhythm again. Soon.

In the meantime, here's a segment that ran April 28, 2013 on Mormon Times. The first two minutes aired last November, but the remaining interview is new.



I'm struggling with how many (and which) personal anecdotes to share on my blog, hence the gap between posts. I'll figure it out, though. In the meantime...

Here is a piece that I wrote for a local online newspaper -- The American Fork Citizen.

My Immune System Survived a Direct Hit

And a piece for LDS Living.

Baptisms and Bar Mitzvahs

I appeared on a local television show, Studio 5, in a segment titled, Breaking the Mormon Code. The piece is 12 minutes long, and the live discussion begins after three minutes (although I encourage you to watch the pre-recorded sound bites if this is a topic that interests you).

Breaking the Mormon Code

Thank you for continuing to check in. :)


My Feet Weren't Supposed To Be In The Shot

A few weeks ago, upon returning home from our 12-day Orlando vacation, I shared how excited the boys and I were to have real TV people come to our house to interview me about to Mormons, with LOVE.

Fresh Living aired the piece on Friday, April 13th. I'm unable to embed the video, but you can click here to view my 3 minutes and 30 seconds of quasi-fame.

For the record, I had planned to wear a cute pair of black boots with the understated outfit I painstakingly selected. I was getting ready to put my boots on when the doorbell rang that morning. After the interview location was selected in the house, I asked the camera guy if my feet would be visible in the shot. He said no. I only bring this up because a few friends have commented liberally on my socks.

And..."ouchies"? I was nervous, tired, and had an Orlando hangover.

In all seriousness, I'm very happy with how the piece turned out. Kate Valentine did the book justice and I'm so thankful that the Fresh Living team aired the story. Feeling grateful...that I was wearing socks, and not completely barefoot.