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I'm struggling with how many (and which) personal anecdotes to share on my blog, hence the gap between posts. I'll figure it out, though. In the meantime...

Here is a piece that I wrote for a local online newspaper -- The American Fork Citizen.

My Immune System Survived a Direct Hit

And a piece for LDS Living.

Baptisms and Bar Mitzvahs

I appeared on a local television show, Studio 5, in a segment titled, Breaking the Mormon Code. The piece is 12 minutes long, and the live discussion begins after three minutes (although I encourage you to watch the pre-recorded sound bites if this is a topic that interests you).

Breaking the Mormon Code

Thank you for continuing to check in. :)


The Book

NOTE: This post appeared September 28th on CSquaredPlus3. Last post before the move to ChrisyRoss.com.

This isn't the final book wrap, but it's the only file I have to share. It's 95% of the actual.

I shared the Amazon link (pre-order the paperback, and Kindle format coming soon!) on Facebook and have tweeted news about my book...once. It feels funny to self-promote. In the same breath, I'm proud of the project and the content concept.

To Mormons, With Love is written primarily for an LDS audience, (Apologies to my mother's bridge group if you've been misled. She was confused.) but I believe there's cross-over potential. Several nonmember friends pre-ordered the book on Amazon. I'm flattered and moved by their blind trust and support. If you're not LDS, but have Mormon friends, neighbors, or a general curiosity about life in a predominantly Mormon community, you might enjoy my story and message. It's a quick and easy read, but tremendous thought is behind every word, illustration and design element.

I was asked to write a feature article for LDS Living based on the book. The article will appear in the November/December issue. To say that I'm honored and thrilled for the opportunity is an understatement.

Darrell Driver turned my illustration concept into a beautiful piece of cover art. And Justin Hackworth provided the lovely family photo, complete with irritated family members.

Very shortly, like in a matter of hours, my new site will be complete. Ninjamatics, founded by Elan and Aidan Morgan (Schmutzie and The Palinode), did a fantastic job redesigning my blog. I'm so pleased. I don't want the project to end, because it's been such a pleasure working with Elan. A few of you have already taken a peek at the site because it's not password protected, but give me a minute, and I'll share it with the rest of you.

CSquaredPlus will have a new name and different look, but I'll continue to blog in the same manner—sporadically and about personal things. I'll also promote my book, but not ad nauseam. I promise. If you're a current subscriber to CSquaredPlus3, your feed will automatically be transferred to the new URL.

I'm excited! And nervous...


What's Going On

Several of you already know. I wrote a little book. I don't talk about it much in larger circles because 1) there are many people who have written books.  Seems to be another new black; 2) there are many people who have written very good books who haven't been published, but should be; and 3) the process of writing a book, seeking an agent/publisher, or even self-publishing takes a long time. People who don't write or are unfamiliar with the process are impressed at first, and then they begin to lose interest as months turn into years because your book is not at Barnes & Noble, the giant advance all authors get didn't arrive, and The Today Show hasn't called.  It's like you're the little writer who cried, "Wolf!", or the couple that announces they're pregnant before the bed has been made.

Well, the bed is made.  My little ditty of a book will be available October 1st on Amazon.com as well as on the shelves of a few local bookstores.  It's a niche book titled To Mormons, With Love - A little something from the new girl in Utah.  It's bubble gum, but not the kind rolled in large sugar crystals.  Nor is it the sour Warhead variety.  Just pleasant to chew.  I hope a few people like it.

There's more to share...the supportive, small publisher that believes in the project; the process of writing, listening to critiques, rewriting, and how the book ended up in its shorter, nichier (not a word, but it works) form; an upcoming feature article I wrote for a popular LDS magazine; and the importance of your local arts council.  All of this later.

Today I'd like to direct your attention to an artist whose work I'm crazy for.  His name is Darrell Driver and you can check out his art at www.darrelldriver.com or click here.  I love his balance pieces, the colors he chooses, and his funky interpretations of...everything.  I dig his wife, too. 

Darrell agreed to create the cover art for my book.  I wanted one of his beautiful signature balance birds, holding a daisy in its beak.  The bird is a humble, polite messenger.  The daisy is a simple offering.

After sketching my ridiculously uncomplicated concept no less than 15 times, this is what I faxed to Darrell...


Birds on balls-2
His version is much lovelier, of course.  Some cool folks are using Darrell's fabulous art to create the final cover design.  It's getting exciting.  The handful or two of you who still read this blog will get a sneak peek very soon.